Thursday, 10 June 2010

so young so pretty

This post is basically on all the famous young people that have great style in my opinion.
The first one is Coco Sumner, daughter of Sting. She is a musician herself, in a band called Blame it on Coco.
I think she has very cool personal style. 
For me she kind of looks like a mix of Cory Kennedy and Alice Dellal.

Miley Cyrus. Lots of people still see her as the fourteen year old Hannah Montana star, and I still can't believe how much her style has developed. These are a few recent candids from the past month or so and I think she looks amazing. I am absolutely in love with her hair and her legs! I mean she's only 5'4" ( but her legs look kilometric.
I personally don't like her looks in her concerts, but when she's just chilling she always wears such cute stuff.

 I am loving the very simple look with the stripy shirt and very skinny jeans, but in my opinion what makes the outfit are the clogs! I never really liked them until I saw them on her and how she was working them. I REALLY want a pair now.

I love the really loose chemise/cardigan and those ankle boots, and by judging from other photos she loves them a little too much as well.

The army button down is lovely. What I really like about her style is that she wears something really simples and then sparks it up with just one item and doesn't over do it. I am not a fan of those shoes though.

I love everything about this outfit. The monochrome, the bracelet, THOSE CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN SHOES! Miley really knows how to choose her shoes! I love the pants, they really do look very good on her!

Moving on to Nina Dobrev:
I find this girl extremely pretty and I am so in love with her hair as well. I really like how this white dress contrasts with her tan skin. It gives out such a summery feeling.

And lastly there's Dakota:
 She really did grow up so much; only a few years ago she was still the adorable child from Uptown Girls. Now she's playing evil vampire roles and plays Cherie Currie from the Runways with Kristen Stewart. What I like about Dakota is the fact that she looks and acts her same age.
I like Miley Cyrus' style, but I don't like how most times she tries to prove that she's not a young girl anymore. Dakota stays real to herself. 
She's wearing Marchesa.

source: tfs

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